About Me

My name is Marcus Galic. I'm a music composer and producer who believes that music can be used as a powerful tool, to elevate media content to an even higher level.

I've been composing original music for close to 10 years. Some of my work includes 2 albums of original music, "The Fire Diamond Collection, Parts 1 and 2", The score for 3 short student films, "Cascade", "End of the Line" and "Fight and Flight" which was selected for the Oniros Film Awards in 2018.

I'm currently studying a bachelor of Film, Television and Animation and In 2019 I was awarded the John Arkins Deakin Film Student Award for being the most promising film student. 

Contact Me

I can compose original music for your project, contact me using the form below or by emailing me at: marcus@flammingtonstudios.com

Thanks! Message sent, I'll reply as soon as I can!